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X marks the spot!

Arrr, matey! The quest for Treasure Kingdom!

Treasure Kingdom! A KH/FF AU RP!
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Ahoy, mateys! Do you have what it takes to find Treasure Kingdom?

Do you? Well yee better if you be applyin' fer this here RP!

Welcome to Treasure Kingom! This is an AU roleplay for both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Not just any AU roleplay at that~ That's right! Shiver me timbers! This here be a Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy pirate roleplay. I bet you never saw that coming!

Every pirate's goal is simple. Their fascination with treasure isn't exactly a world wide secret. The legends and tales of Treasure Kingdom have all but tempted every existing pirate there is! It's a place stock full of the all the treasures in the world. There is not one pirate that wouldn't kill or just do very mean things for the map to this enchanting place!

But here's the catch, there is only one map! It's not surprising, but every pirate ship sailing the seas is after that map. Every ship rivals the other. It's not pleasant!

The map may in fact travel from one ship to another, considering who succeeds in plundering the opposing ship. But first, it must be found!

So I will say once more... Do you have what it takes to find Treasure Kingdom?


1. Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes! *hit* But seriously, respect is very important in a roleplaying community. No wangst please!

2. Try your best to be as in character as you can. Everyone percieves characters differently, but a line must be drawn when Sephiroth cries because he broke a nail or something. D: You get my point.

3. This is a yaoi/het/yuri friendly RP! If you have a problem with this, then I suggest you don't join. ): For if there is any wanking about this matter you will get the BOOT. And that is not short for pirate booty lolz. We are all accepting here!

4. If there is a problem of any kind, please contact the moderaters before posting ANYTHING publicly. This way RP wangst won't have a chance to happen.

5. All characters must have their own personal journals. Don't ask me how others can see and reply to entries in this time and age, they just can! :D;; When it comes to RPing, you can either do it in the style of a log (through AIM), or a post in the main community with following threads.

6. Character journals = first person (I went plunderin'). RP logs/posts = third person (He went plunderin').

7. You will be allowed to apply for up to three characters. However, after your first application, you will be required to wait a week before applying for another character, and then another week for your third character. You will have to show us how active you will be with one character before trying for another.

8. Pleeeease be active! One journal post a week, at least~ If there are reasons why you can't be, or if you are going on a trip or something... please let us all know by posting this information in the main community.

9. There will be ten to a pirate ship. Captains will be decided when there are enough members. Actually starting or RPing will also be postponed until there are enough members. Characters will either be put on the Aeon, Pheonix, or Oblivion.

10. Having a good grasp of the english language is always nice. :D; Pirate speak is allowed, of course!

11. When you apply, please title your comment: "Arrr! Pirate Booty!" to prove you have read the rules. Also, you may apply over AIM if you feel uncomfortable applying publicly.





Sample journal entry (first person):
Sample RPing (third person):

Apply Here.
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